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  • Announcement (20160630): Investments in 4L Health with PE under Guangdong Technology Financial Group, Guangzhou Fund, New South Group & CSC Group
  • 30 June 2016

  •          4L Health Co. Ltd. has reached an agreement on investments with PE companies under Guangdong Technology Financial Group, Guangzhou Fund (Guangzhou Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.), New South Group, CSC Group (China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group), and other investors. With the strong capital supports, 4L Health is expected to grow into a well-known player on the international stage of wound care industry.
             Guangdong Technology Financial Group set up in 1992 and solely owned by Guangdong provincial government. It is dedicated in encouraging technology innovation, providing financial service to high-tech enterprises, and promoting industry upgrades and economy development. Currently, it has 23 separate PE funds in operation. Asset under management is over 10 billion dollars.
             Guangzhou Fund is the industrial investment platform set up by Guangzhou Municipal Government. It is one of the earliest and largest state-owned investment enterprises. Asset under management is also over 10 billion dollars.
             New South Group is a conglomerate covering several industries including pharmaceuticals, real estate, hotel management etc. With strong alliance with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, the group has established a full chain along pharmaceuticals industry, ranging across herbal plantation, R&D center, GSP production base, distributing subsidiaries and self-owned chain drugstores. In the past 15 years, New South Group has invested 1.5 billion CNY to make its foray into anti-malarial medicine, Artemisinin, an anti-malarial drug extracted from artemisia annua or sweet wormwood plants that are native to China, which led to the Chinese scientist Tu Youyou’s Nobel Prize in Medicine on 5 Oct., 2015.
             CSC Group is the earliest and largest private investment fund in China, which is the Strategic Investor of Foryou Group.
             Other investors include Yangcheng Newspaper Group, Leo Alpha, etc.
             With the PE investments, the Management would still be the majority shareholder. The cooperation of 4L Health with Foryou Group would still continue and become deeper and deeper.
             The alliance with Guangdong Technology Financial Group, Guangzhou Fund, New South Group, CSC Group, and other giants will surely start a new era for 4L Health to widen product offering, to further enhance quality, to better service our world-wide clients, and to help our business partners to achieve more successes.

             4L Health Co., Ltd.
             30 June 2016

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