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Foryou NPWT Canister


Intended Use
Foryou Suction Canister is intended to be used as a one-time off device for temporary storage of medical/surgical aspiration fluid or liquid waste.
It is not intended to be used in direct contact with or infusing liquids into patients.

The tilt of the canister may result in inaccurate volume reading or turnover. To avoid it, please put the product on a flat and horizontal surface.
Refer to ISO10079 for additional information about the safe use of medical and surgical suction and drainage system.

  Warning: This canister is intended for single use and single patient use only. Do NOT re-use or attempt to sterilize for re-use. Not recommended for pleural drainage. Do NOT attempt to open any port when the canister is full. Product vacuum resistance tested to be 80KPa.

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