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  • Dr. JIAN was Reelected as President of HZMD
  • 18/09/2015

  •          On Sept. 18, the Conference of Huizhou Association of Medical Devices (HZMD) was held at Crowne Plaza Huizhou. Mr. Wenhao Cai from Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau gave a brief introduction on High-tech Enterprise Registration as well as the Innovation Promotion Policy. Mr. Jiansen Zhong from Huizhou Food and Drug Administration explained the difference between the old and renewed regulations on medical device supervision.
             There was an election of the president, vice-presidents, directors, and supervisors of HZMD. 4L Health Co., Ltd. (Former Foryou Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.) was reelected as the President Company, and Dr. Jackie JIAN was reelected as the President of HZMD.
             In the passed days, HZMD served the Huizhou medical device industry by strengthening the connections, promoting the cooperation, sharing the knowledge, and harmonizing the relations between the related corporations, departments, organizations, and other parties, and helped the healthy development of the medical device industry together with the government and the members of HZMD.

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