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  • Dr. JIAN was invited as Visiting Prof. of Shenzhen Univ.
  • 20 Feb. 2016

  •          On Feb. 20, 2016, Dr. JIAN, president of 4L Health Co., Ltd. & Foryou Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., was invited as Visiting Professor on the Opening Convocation of MBA/MPM, Shenzhen Univ., by Prof. LIU Jun, the Dean of College of Management, SZU.
             Together with Dr. JIAN, other appointed visiting professors include Mr. ZHAO Yiguo, CEO of Shanghai Yuguo Investment Co., Ltd., Mr. LIU Zhengbing, CEO of Shenzhen Shichuangzhongtou Investment Co., Ltd., Mr. HUI Chongyi, Chairman of Abundant International Education Corp., Mr. WU Guoping, Vice President of ShenZhen International Logistics Development Cp., Ltd., and Mr. AN Yuxuan, Director of Huizhou Speed Wireless Technology Co., Ltd.
             Dr. JIAN was also awarded a plaque of the Practice Base of Graduate Students by Prof. LIN Mei, the Director of MPM Education Center, and had a nice talk with the leaders of SZU, including Prof. ZHANG Jihong, Prof. WANG Yongcheng, Prof LI Li, Prof LIN Xudong, etc.
             Approved by State Council, SZU was established on May 10, 1983, and had a rapid growth in the past three decades, just like the city of Shenzhen, China’s most successful Special Economic Zone. SZU alumni include MA Huateng (Pony MA), founder of Tencent Inc., QQ & Wechat, SHI Yuzhu, founder of Giant Interactive Group Inc., and ZHOU Haijiang, president of HOdo Group Co., Ltd.
             4L Health Co., Ltd. & Foryou Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. wound try our best to help SZU and the future founders of new Tecent or new Giant.

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