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  • Huizhou Recognized as a National Intellectual Property Rights Demonstration City
  • 10th May, 2016

  •          The Municipal Intellectual Property Rights Bureau confirms that Huizhou has been officially approved as a national Intellectual Rights Demonstration City since May 2016 till May 2019.

             What's New: Patents application in Huizhou reached 21,408, increased by 16.6% over last year
             Patents application and quality soar up since the city bid for the IPR Demonstration City application. Last year, patents application in Huizhou reach 21,408 with an 16.6% increase over the same period last year, among which 4600 are invention patents with 37.4% increase over the previous year; 9297 patents authorization, 32.5% increase over the same period last year. 868 authorizations for invention patents, taking up 66.3%, reaching; 174 PCT patents applications. Up to December last year, Huizhou owns 2500 valid inventions, 5.3 patents to every 10,000 residents, which rate goes beyond the Provincial benchmark. One patent was awarded the 17th China Excellent Patens, three patents awarded the same prize provincially.
             In 2011, Huizhou City has passed the assessment for the IPR Demonstration City. In 2014, the preparation was completed. In 2015, Zhongkai Hi-tech Dist. has been recognized as a national IPR Demonstration Zone, in the meantime, Huicheng District, Boluo County and Huidong County were all recognized as the IPR Pilot County (District) respectively.

             Efforts: Quatity oriented to quality oriented
             Taking the opportunity of the campaign for the national IPR Demonstration City, Huizhou has implemented a series of IPR policies. The IPR layout has been designed, taking advantageous industries, distinctive industries and resources into consideration. Huizhou is expected to increase 20% and 25% respectively in terms of the patents share per 10 thousand persons. The city will also focus on quality rather than quantity, increasing the share of invention patens.
             Commercialization, application and protection of IPR were also identified as priorities. The city will further promote the industrialization of patented technologies, patent pledge financing and risk subsidy, expand technological SMEs' financing options. To better facilitate patent pledge financing, Huizhou has launched and drafted 3 policies, providing subsidy on interest payment, discounted loans for patent pledge financing and patents insurance subsidy.
             With regard to subsidy on interest payment, the city will provide one million RMB to subsidize the interest payment from companies who pledge on their patents. The subsidy must be less than 30% of the interest rate (same to the same period the benchmark lending rate companies should pay. Each company will receive up to 200,000 RMB subsidy within at most three years. If the company has already received financing subsidy from other government departments (including national, provincial and municipal), the company will not be eligible to subsidy stated here.
             To provide risk subsidy for the patents pledge financing, Huizhou has set up a specialized 300,000 million RMB fund, once only for any company, under which bank partners will provide 10 to 20 times of IPR loan to companies. Micro companies will receive up to 5 million RMB loan; small companies up to 10 million RMB and middle scale companies up to 20 million RMB within 3 years, with interest rate lower than the weighted average interest rate provided by the four national banks to middle and micro businesses.
             In addition, the city will subsidize patents insurance up to 70% of the insurance expense.

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