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  • Tour in Lijiang and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province
  • 28 Janu. 2016

  •          Lijiang and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province are among Chinese tourists' top cities to enjoy fresh air and beautiful sceneries. On 3-9 Feb. 2016, part of the 4L Health employee visited the two wonderful cities.
             Nestled beneath snow-capped peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang Ancient Town of Yunnan Province is a living museum as it is home to the Naxi people who have steadfastly preserved their centuries-old heritage. They still live in traditional homes, play ancient music and celebrate ethnic festivals with vitality. The UN was so impressed by the survival of Ljiang that it has place all of Lijiang County on the World Heritage Site list.
             Beautiful and fascinating Xishuangbanna retains the characteristics of the tropical rainforest landscape by which it is surrounded; it also has a strong flavor of the customs of the local Dai, Keno, and other national minority groups. 4L Health employee visited the local scenic spots here including Peacock Lake, Manting Park, the Dai Nationality Culture and Customs Garden, Keno mountain village, etc.
             Beautiful Yunnan, amazing journey.

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