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  • White Bunny Beauty Contest
  • 16/Feb/2016

  •          On Feb. 16, 2016, there was a White Bunny Beauty Contest held in Huizhou Office, 4L Health Co., Ltd./Foryou Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.
             Winning the gold medal and silver medal, two little Chinese White Rabbits, Little Mi & Little Mii, beat other bunnies and had the last laugh. Fall of joys, the guardians of the winning players took photos together with their pets, and enjoyed the beautiful memories together.
             In Chinese folklore, the bunny "Yutu" accompanies "Chang'e" on the Moon. Also associated with the Chinese Lunar New Year, rabbits are one of the twelve celestial animals in the Chinese Zodiac for the Chinese calendar.
             Wish you good luck and best wishes for the New Year. May the joy and happiness around you today and always :)


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