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  • Tour in Mauritius
  • 2nd Feb 2017

  •          On 2nd Feb., 2017, there is a tour to Mauritius with 4L Health colleagues.
             Mauritius is located on the eastern part of Africa, and the southwest the Indian Ocean, known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean." Mauritius was ruled by the Dutch since 1598, occupied by France in 1715, then by British in 1814, and finally declared independence on 12 March 1968.
             There are more than 30,000 Chinese in Mauritius. More than 90% of them are Hakka people, which is the same as the local people in Huizhou City. On Mauritius 25 rupee note, there is Zhu Meilin (1911-1991), the chairman of the Chinese community, and a great politician in Mauritius.

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