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  • Dr. JIAN Participated in the China-France Business Forum
  • 25/04/2013

  •          On April 25th, 2013, the China-France Business Form was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. A total of 700 representatives including government officials and entrepreneurs attended the ceremony. Chinese President Xi Jinping and his visiting French counterpart Francois Hollande participated in the forum and made their closing remarks. Dr. Jackie JIAN, President of Foryou Medical Electronics Co,. Ltd., was invited to the forum.

             The China-France Business Form was organized by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the Trade Development Council and France-China Committee. The theme of the forum is "Cooperative Partnership—New Vitality”. The purpose of the Forum was to identify ways for the two countries to work together to improve business ties and boost economic prosperity.          In the forum, President Xi Jinping said that economic and trade cooperation is an important component part of Sino-French comprehensive strategic partnership, and the deepening economic globalization has brought both challenges and opportunities. Sino-French economies are highly complementary, with great potential for cooperation. We two parties should develop economic and trade cooperation from a strategic perspective, and explore new areas and new ways for cooperation, so as to jointly build close, long-term and sustainable type of new economic and trade partnership.
             President Xi hopes enterprises of the two countries to continue to strengthen cooperation in such traditional areas such as aviation, nuclear power and automobiles, and expand cooperation in such new areas as energy conservation and environmental protection, agricultural trade, health care and digital economy. China welcomes more French enterprises to invest in China, and will encourage more Chinese enterprises to invest in France, and China will import more French products, and hope France to push EU to relax its control on hi-tech exports to China.
             President Xi said that China and France should jointly oppose protectionism, and make market environment better for fair competition, solve problems arising in cooperation through friendly consultations, and remove investment barriers, improve trade and investment facilitation, and start negotiations on China-EU Investment Agreement as early as possible, make cooperation a common gain.
             President Xi stressed that China and France should strengthen communication and coordination in Group 20 and International Monetary Fund, and other multilateral organizations, strengthen coordination on macro-economic policies, push forward reform on international monetary and banking system, and promote vigorous, sustainable and balanced development of world economy.
             At the close of his speech, President Xi said that China has set her development goals making development her top priority, and sticking to opening up, maintaining mutual benefits and win-win situation and common development, so as to continue to improve the level of the open economy, that the momentum of rapid development of China's economy will maintain. China's development will bring more opportunities to world development, and hopes French entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity to explore the Chinese market. It is believed that, as long as the two parties hold up mutual respect and join efforts, China-France economic and trade cooperation will be further developed, bringing more benefits to the peoples of the two countries, and making greater contributions to world economic development.
             Mr. Hollande spoke highly of China's achievements in the reform and opening up, especially on expanding domestic demand and maintaining rapid economic growth amid the global financial crisis. France would like to take the advantage of China's development to achieve common development and prosperities of the two countries. France would like to explore new areas of cooperation between the two countries, and to expand bilateral trade and investment. France resolutely opposes protectionism, welcoming Chinese enterprises to invest in France, and encouraging more French companies to enter the Chinese market, and sharing technological development and achievements. The French side expressed gratitude for China's confidence and support for EU's efforts in coping with the debt crisis, and would like to join efforts with China to promote EU-China cooperation. The French side also hopes to work with China to push forward the reform of global economic governance, and promote world economic growth. France is full of confidence and expectations on bilateral cooperation in future.
             Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng and French Minister of Foreign Trade Nicole Bricq briefed respectively the achievements of the Forum, both expressing that entrepreneurs from the two countries are ready to seize the opportunity to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

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