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  • 4L Health Passed the Site Audit of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan
  • 05/11/2015

  •          On Sept. 5th, 2015, the officers from the Ministry of Health, Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted a site audit to 4L Health Co., Ltd. about the GMP, quality management system, and product registration. 4L Health passed the audit.
             Senior Specialist B. E. Kudiyarova, and Leading Specialist Zh. B. Tukpanova audited the facilities and quality system of 4L Health, with Dongjiang Science Park Factory, Foryou Industrial Park Factory, and the QA Lab included. And they paid high compliments of the GMP and quality control system of the company.
             The medical devices are related to life & health. To ensure product quality, all colleagues paid great effort to maintain the R&D and production quality system to promote product safety and effectiveness. Hard work results in great harvest. In 2012, the company became the first NPWT system manufacturer which achieved NPWT system CE certificate and EU R&D production quality management system certificate. In 2013, the company became the first NPWT manufacturer which achieved approval (FDA 510k) of entering the US market and the first NPWT manufacturer which passed US FDA site audit.
             With 19 years of R&D and production experience in medical devices together with 29 years in electronics products, we are devoted to developing high cost-effective NPWT systems.
             Foryou NPWT, For Your NPWT.

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