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  • FOR LIFE, FOR LOVE - Interview with 4L Health Colleagues
  • 06 June 2016

  •          Today an interview with 4L Health & Foryou Medical Electronics colleagues was published simultaneously on several influential media of China including Toutiao, Sohu, etc. Below is the news in brief.

             4L Health’s Foundation
             In 1986, Foryou Group’s predecessor, Shinwa Industries Ltd., started. Later, it became one of the leading conglomerates engaged in R&D and manufacturing of electronics products in China.
             In 1996, Medical Device Business of Foryou Group started, and the Medical Absorbable Suture was successfully developed. In 2005, Foryou Medical Device Co., Ltd. was established, specialized in absorbable biological material, hemostatic material, and wound dressing.
             In 2009, led by Dr. JIAN, Medical Electronics Business of Foryou Group started, which is devoted to developing best price-performance NPWT system. In 2011, Foryou Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. was formally established.
             In 2015, Foryou Group Filed Registration Statement for IPO. Foryou Medical Electronics was separated from Foryou Group. Dr. JIAN established 4L Health Co., Ltd., received the assets, and undertake all the obligations of Foryou Medical Electronics.

             Founder’s story
             Graduated from Tsinghua Univ., one of the most distinguished universities in China, with Ph.D. degree, Dr. JIAN worked as Senior Engineer and Manager at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. in the Republic of Korea, before he joined Foryou Group.
             Now Dr. JIAN is the Majority Shareholder and President of 4L Health Co. Ltd., as well as the Visiting Professor of Shenzhen Univ. With his contribution to the medical device industry and his love to the patients, Dr. JIAN is elected as the President of the Huizhou Association of Medical Devices.
             At the interview, Dr. JIAN expressed his gratitude to Foryou Group and the partners. He stated that every progress of 4L Health is attributable to the solid foundation built by Foryou Group in the past 30 years, and every progress of 4L Health is attributable to the support from the partners all over the world.

             TCL Group, Desay Group, and Foryou Group are the top 3 conglomerates in Huizhou City. 3 decades ago, they are from the same origin, Huizhou Industrial Development Co., Ltd. In the past years, the 3 leading conglomerates marched along shoulder to shoulder, and made remarkable contributions to the world.
             As descendants of the 3 conglomerates, Huizhou Speed Wireless Technology Co., Ltd., EVE Energy Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kingyield Technology Co. Ltd, etc., grew rapidly and finished IPO in recent years.
             The legends of the leading companies are encouraging 4L Health to work hard for the patients' lives, for the healthcare-providers' benefits, and for the partners' interests. Just like the parent company, Foryou Group, and the big brothers, Speed, EVE Energy, and Kingyield, etc, 4L Health keeps on fighting and keeps on going, with their helps and following their steps.

             4L: FOR LIFE, FOR LOVE.

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             励精图治 饮水思源——清华博士的创业梦想

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