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  • 4L Health & Foryou Medical: Work Together, -- FOR LIFE, FOR LOVE
  • 13 Janu. 2017

  •          On Jan. 13th, 2017, the New Year Dinner and Party of 4L Health & Foryou Medical were held in 123 Hotel, Huizhou City. Mr. Haoxian ZHANG, the Founder of Foryou Group, Qichun FANG, Chief supervisor of Foryou Tech, and other leaders of Foryou attended the dinner and party.
             Mr. Haoxian ZHANG had a nice talk with the heads of 4L Health, including Steven ZHANG, R&D Director, Cyrus ZHENG, Quality Director, Lisa HUANG, Sales and Service Head, etc. Dr. Jackie JIAN, President of 4L Health, and Mr. Jinwen MO, President of Foryou Medical, gave a brief introduction on the progresses of 4L Health & Foryou Medical in the passed days. Mr. Haoxian ZHANG wished 4L Health & Foryou Medical to work together and better.
             On the party, there were songs, dances, games, etc. After the election, Zengyuan YANG, Jinyi LI and Dr. Jackie JIAN's show won the Best Show Award.
             In the new days, 4L Health would work together and walk together with Foryou Medical.
             4L: FOR LIFE, FOR LOVE.

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