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  • Mindray XU Hang: Global Brand is the Inevitable Road of China Enterprise
  • 13 June 2012

  •          In June 13th, 2012, the first Global Brand Summit and the 2012 China brand overseas competitiveness white paper release ceremony was held in Shenzhen. Mindray Group Chairman and Co-CEO Xu Hang made the keynote speech at the meeting. Xu Hang shared the Mindray group development experience in international brand on the road. He said, global brand construction is the inevitable road Chinese transformation of enterprises, brand will become a driving China driving force for the development of enterprises.
             The following is the text record:
             Xu Hang: Ladies and gentlemen, good morning! Very pleased to meet with you at this stage. The editor and director Wu Lu's speech benefit me a lot. China enterprises is now in a critical period to establish our brand. My understanding of the brand is as Professor's, but we work every day with the brand. The one thing I most profound, when Mindray was founded, we took our products to customers, customer firstly asked a sentence: "Your products are domestic or imported?" This is the first time I know what is brand.
             No doubt, the import in the eyes of the customer is good. Why it is good? I think this is the power of the brand. Because in general, twenty years ago, especially in our industry, Chinese basically had no manufacturing capabilities. All medical equipment as long as with electronic parts and the technology are imported. No wonder when our customers found our products look pretty good, he asked whether it is domestic or imported. Why? Because to ensure the quality. So the brand in customers' image is very important.
             Our products are now exported to many countries, and in China we also has a high market share. Now the state has regarded the industry as one of the seven strategic emerging industries. But this industry is very difficult to enter. Today, in the global medical market, China accounted for only 7%. So if Mindray want to become a respected company, a long-term company, if Mindray want to contribute more to the society, we have to be globalized, and we must go abroad.
             There are several points for the international innovation of a brand:
             One, close to the customer. This is the fundamental point of our departure. All the work is to create value for customers.
             Two, continuous research and development. There are than 10 years in which the 10% of the annual income had been invested into R&D.
             Three, independent intellectual property rights. We took technology as the most important assets, which constitute the foundation of the brands.
             Four, pay attention to the vision of globalization. This is one of the reasons Mindray was listed in America. We should expand the influence all over the world.
             Five, the quality of international standards.
             In a word, the construction of global brand is China enterprise's inevitable road. Let the brand become a driving Chinese driving force for the development of enterprises.
             Thank you!

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