Chronic Wounds

    Retrospective analysis of negative pressure wound therapy in open foot wounds with significant soft tissue defects
    Publication Date: 2004
    Page JC, Newswander B, Schwenke DC, Hansen M, Ferguson J.

    Guidelines for Managing Pressure Ulcers with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
    Publication Date: 2004
    Subhas Gupta,Scott J. Engel,etc.

    How to use VAC therapy on chronic wounds
    Publication Date: 2002
    By Brian Short, DPM, Matthew Claxton, DPM, and David G. Armstrong, DPM

    Using a new technique of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), Variable Pressure Therapy (VPT), for the management of chronic, non-healing wounds
    Publication Date: 2009
    Thomas Eberlein, Fedler H.

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