Ulcers - Pressure

    Guidelines for Managing Pressure Ulcers with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
    Publication Date: 2004
    Subhas Gupta,Scott J. Engel,etc.

    Guidelines for the treatment of pressure ulcers
    Publication Date: 2006
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    The benefits of VAC therapy in the management of pressure ulcers
    Publication Date: 2004
    Noleen Smith

    The vacuum assisted closure of complex wounds: report of 3 cases
    Publication Date: 2003
    Ferreira MC, Wada A, Tuma Jr P.

    The Effective Management of Pressure Ulcers
    Publication Date: 2006
    Jeffrey A. Niezgoda, Susan Mendez-Eastman

    Composition of Wound Fluid from Pressure Ulcers Treated with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Using V.A.C.® Therapy in Home Healt
    Publication Date: 2006
    Kilpadi D, Stechmiller J, Childress B, Cowan L, Comerio M, Kieswetter K, Schultz G.

    Role of topical negative pressure in pressure ulcer management
    Publication Date: 2007
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    Vacuum-assisted wound closure for cheaper and more comfortable healing of pressure sores: a prospective study
    Publication Date: 2003
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    Incorporating negative pressure therapy into the management strategy for pressure ulcers
    Publication Date: 2004
    Niezgoda JA.

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