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History of Wound Care

    19th Century: Dry Wound Dressing. Louis Pasteur treats wounds with dry wound dressings, which is developed as a traditional wound healing method.
    1933: Eugene M. Landis and John H. Gibbon, Jr. make the study of "the effects of alternate suction and pressure on blood flow to the lower extremities".
    1962: Moist Wound Dressing. George D. Winter studies the effects of temperature and humidity on wound bed, and concludes that moist wound dressings notably promote wound healing.
    1976: James W. Fox IV and Gerald T. Golden prove that negative pressure promotes wound healing.
    1995: NPWT. KCI launches NPWT devices.
    2006: Richard White and Keith F. Cutting review the management of wound exudates and conclude that wound management depends on the assessment of the characteristics of exudates.
    2009: FDA Alert. 6 deaths and 77 injuries associated with NPWT over the past two years. All deaths and 17 injuries were associated with bleeding.
    2010: Foryou NPWT = NPWT + Exudate Management

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